the history



1969 the eight motorsau founders were born near the state of

Winnie francis olson, the eldest brother of eleven children -- every time in clasroom when he got mad with the educational system he would ask the neighbours to come to play in his garage afternoons. so he met larre twink thomas tronsky and the genius waldo ferrel "the barrel". martin "the lawnmower mc pitsven, he was seven then, one day started to get interested in motors, because of his childhood memories. he was rought up by a man whose was known as the bonecrusher... john "the flint" olson (founder of harleyfanclubs known as "hells angels").

richard "flurry" prinzenhauser, joint them in friscO0l. they both fell in love with the same girl and so they had a problem to fight out the band was built shortly afer the tragic death of his beloved father.

being in highschool, they played as startups for bands like "alice cooper" and "aerosmith". award for best teenage act in summer 1975, "bananapestchic" in 1976 and "first and last motor- gods" in 1977 (lake idaho).

motorsau on the cover of magazine



motorsau with alice cooper




in the age of 18, they went to india, where they met with the beatles and after that trip, they went on tour with ac/dc. being a hardrock superstar now, they started releasing their work on "nordsee- polar", a record label from australia.





motorsau with AC/DC






the rare album "treason" was sold more than 1.500 times in whole
australia. one famous tune is "izzo ugly tobe a painter" after some drug- excesses during their big tour "as heavy as metal can be - motorsau", they had trouble with the australian drug restrictions and all members except winnie went to court. they had to flee to japan where the started to work as "rotor-aus"

but the tax found out. this led to their next station zurich,(but only for 2 hrs in which they got to know that suisse cows give good milk) in rio they got completly fucked up by ,so they say: "a diarhea called sammy"


where they signed a major label contract, which directly led them to famous cooperations with "queen" ,"whitesnake" and "black sabbath" tommi iomi once said that "if theres a man with a voice of an angel captured in "terror" then im gonna listen ..."


motorsau with Whitesnake


motorsau with Queen


on their trip to columbia richard was kidnapped by paramilitaristc guerilla,whose leader introduced himself as CHE but it was good clean fun after all, he said after the payment of two millions dollars .a private eye got their later gold album winning, GEIL", out of "the jungle,oh the jungle".



back in the states, some personal problems related with heroin and gas station robberies almost ended the lives of thousends of fans ,after the misterious dissappearance of winnie the formerly guitarist walter who was now the singer, signed a new label, but after the tragical accident of mr. mirakawa "the zenmaster"noone was happy with the money anymore and this finally led to the split of all the remaining bandmembers in 1981.


richard later married the only daughter of mr. mirakawa, linda, and started bigbusiness in antiques (bicycles), and stuff. he is the proud father of moonstick and wooden, their lovely sons. meanwhile living in paris he created the first french minimal technorecord. "metrosau" was born





waldo went on in writing songs for phil collins ("two hearts", "just one mind"), while larre was working with c+c music factory on the soundtrack for "the ending story".



Motorsau influenced the youth in the whole world, and new fashion started!



before motorsau

after motorsau




all of them were occupied with their own little lives, driving motorcycles and repairing them afterwards. this is how they found out their real motorsau in themselves. but after 20 years of absence, they are back from hell! "we have been in dornroschenschlaff!" commented winnie olson, returning from exile in kasachstan. seldom he talks about the hard times he his dark years.

motorsau on the concert now




now they are back, waiting to kick ass! they now call themselves "" and they will rule the grind metal scene...




"i can't believe it. they ate my hamster!"

"motorsau it - been there - done that"

"alive again"