New songs added in the Mp3 section, motorsau rulez!soon to come live recordings from live concerts!



A big scandal in Minesota! The kids from the Kindergarden fighting for the name their kindergarden into motorsau! Massive riots inside, teachers are thinking of changing the name into motorsau to come down the riots!



Motorsau rejected! an email which we recieved from the menager of! you can see it here


There is a rumour spreading that MINIROCK is pregnant by a member of Motorsau, during their tour in texas, She is claiming that will ask for a lot of money for coveraging the costs, and buying electric guitar for the kid. This is covered by many mediums, but still not a precise information is available.



Playboy is asking Motorsau for their presence in the 2008 calendar.



Motorsau is being sued by multinational organisation "Motortouys" by owning the name because they are producing motor toys, so the motorsau has started a "Motor-war", against this corporation which has position in NASAQ MTRT and motorsau has MTRSW, so, dear motorsau shareholders dont worry about MTRSW index, its still going good, and our Motorwar will be so strong that we will destroy this company! added in coolhomepages archive



Motorsau signing the contract for the new album with Nonmetal recordings, the ammount of the money is not know to the public, but shareholders of MTRSW (Nasaq index) has approwed this action!