wasser(deep pruple smoke ona wata)

motor aus unter wasser
motor aus am mond
motr sau in wüste
motr sau am strand

momo moomomo i need momomo i need bike
i got motorsau in my bones


motorsau auf strasse
motorsau for all
motor aus motor sau
motor sau is coming










brille(bangles close ya eyez)

can you see ... motorsau
darling .... did see them in mocba
do u understand ... did u see them live?
cos my only dreaming. r motorsau ... motorsau tonight

say their name sunshines thru the rain
oho lives so boring when theyre not near






people walking on a rope say each other thers a hope
for evryone under se sun






Lumberjack song

Combing the woodwork
those grainy bastards
Crawl through and behind
the baseboard
Penetrating the darkest
knight's armor
Pledging allegiance
to penny rolls
and perfumed pits.

"me I'm waiting so patiently"

Eyes tucked behind
lids of lapis lazuli
Almonds skip past
empty galleys
Where once roamed
polished cleavers
Poised to carve
gourmand's delight
from soap stone copings


"don't say I didn't warn ya when your train gets lost".




motor- motor sau

-or else
theire not mine
anyway i no u, when u wrote this evrything already happened...





I am the girl that wanted to get an urgent drug test so that I could prove
to the college I didn't do drugs when I was in Moscow, so they wouldn't kick
me out and I would burn all chance of getting into university therefore
chucking my future out of the window.
They have lived their lives now.
Young people have a lot more at stake than old people who have been there
done that. Thats all I was saying. I agree completely that we can learn so
much stuff from our elders and respect them. Its just you cannot deny that
it is more of a waste for a young person to not even get the chance of a
living than for an old person (in which I am referring to over 70 here) who
has nearly finished theirs
I say what I want to say. Doesnt matter what you think cause I still live
this way & then you come into my life. Stick me in the back with your knife
& now as I look at you all these things that you would put me through, I
wont let you look away.
Now take a look at your life once again & you see the fuckers supposed to be
your friends









i m spammin im spamin so dont you wanna spam with me
wer spamin....spamin....and i hope to get a mail for free
bob harley










WHAT IS SOCIALISM? -- the motorsau.com manifesto

Socialism is the collective ownership by all the
people of the factories, mills, mines, railroads,
land and all other instruments of production.
Socialism means production to satisfy human needs,
not, as under capitalism, for sale and profit.
Socialism means direct control and management of the
industries and social services by the workers
through a democratic government based on their
nationwide economic organization.

Under socialism, all authority will originate from the
workers, integrally united in Socialist Industrial
Unions. In each workplace, the rank and file will
elect whatever committees or representatives are
needed to facilitate production. Within each shop
or office division of a plant, the rank and file
will participate directly in formulating and
implementing all plans necessary for efficient

Besides electing all necessary shop officers, the
workers will also elect representatives to a local
and national council of their industry or service
and to a central congress representing all the
industries and services. This all-industrial
congress will plan and coordinate production in all
areas of the economy. All persons elected to any
post in the socialist government, from the lowest
to the highest level,will be directly accountable to
the rank and file. They will be subject to removal
at any time that a majority of those who elected
them decide it is necessary.

Such a system would make possible the fullest
democracy and freedom. It would be a society based
on the most primary freedom economic freedom.

For individuals, socialism means an end to economic
insecurity and exploitation. It means workers cease
to be commodities bought and sold on the labor
market and forced to work as appendages to tools
owned by someone else. It means a chance to develop
all individual capacities and potentials within a
free community of free individuals.

Socialism does not mean government or state ownership.
It does not mean a state bureaucracy as in the
former Soviet Union or China, with the working
class oppressed by a new bureaucratic class. It does
not mean a closed party-run system without
democratic rights. It does not mean
nationalization,or labor-management boards, or state
capitalism of any kind. It means a complete end to
all capitalist social relations.

To win the struggle for socialist freedom requires
enormous efforts of organizational and educational
work. It requires building a political party of
socialism to contest the power of the capitalist
class on the political field and to educate the
majority of workers about the need for socialism. It
requires building Socialist Industrial Union
organizations to unite all workers in a
classconscious industrial force and to prepare them
to take, hold and operate the tools of production.

You are needed in the ranks of Socialists fighting for
a better world. Find out more about the program and
work of the Socialist Labor Party and join us to
help make the promise of socialism a reality.